What on earth are bots!?


Lately, the word bots comes up almost everywhere. Nowadays, a lot of big companies use bots to make their lives, as well as ours, easier, without us even noticing. Bots were slated to become the big thing in 2016 and that is exactly what happened. But what are bots? What can you use them for? And what do they do?

What are bots?

Bots have been around for many years, but it is only recently that people have started to talk about them. As you have probably already guessed, the word bot comes from robot. However, a bot is not an actual robot but an application or software that performs an automated task that you would usually do on your own, such as making a reservation, adding an appointment to your calendar, or searching for something on the Internet.

Where can you find bots?

Bots can be found almost everywhere in technology. Chatbots are an especially common phenomenon and almost all messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype, use them.

In addition, bots are often used for customer services that require a telephone call and a conversation with a human person. Rather than talking on the phone or using an app to talk another human, you can message a bot. Bots are also used by H&M and Sephora, which will get you outfit ideas, make suggestions according to your preference and help you shop for an outfit.

What do bots do?

Bots can be used for many different purposes. They not only make our lives easier, they are also here to entertain us or to help us in various situations, for example, to order a pizza, find a good restaurant or tell us the daily weather forecast.

Chatbots are automated services that can read incoming messages, understand what the person says and reply to it. In short: a bot receives a message, fulfills a task and replies to you like a human being. The idea behind these bots is that you think you are talking to a real person even though it is an automated application.

At the moment bots are not very smart and none can yet pass the Turin Test. Alan Turing, a British mathematician proposed if a computer can trick a human into thinking he or she is conversing with another human and not a machine, then the computer can be said to be a true example of artificial intelligence. Chatbots are getting closer and closer to this point, and artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly sophisticated. We are getting to the point where bots will be automating all kinds of tasks and maybe even running out entire lives!

Are you ready for it?





What on earth are bots!?

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