Facebook Live: Not just for awkward conversations with yourself!


We all know of Facebook even if we don’t use it. If you don’t use it, you are becoming a new minority! With over 1.79 billion users it is hard to ignore it’s potential for campaigning of any sort. Recently, there have been some add ons that give further potential to the platform.

One of our favourites is Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a tool that allows you to live stream anything to your Facebook friend or those that have liked your Facebook Page. Consumers consumption of video material has grown and grown with the average user consuming over 16 minutes of video a day, according to ComScore. With the availability on your smart phone, you can watch anything, anywhere at anytime. A video in an email has a 200-300% increase in click through rate and after watching a video, a customer is 64% more likely to buy a product!

Like other live streaming services, such as Periscope, you can press the livestream button, and immediately you can show the world where you are, what you are doing, or as many people do, just talk incoherently because they want to use this cool tool, but have nothing interesting to say! These may be the biggest users of Facebook live, but the service is useful for businesses, charities, and even politicians, to connect with all their stakeholders, including colleagues.

Check out our Facebook Live video from the campaign center on our Facebook page!

With Facebook, organisations have an enormous potential market, and if you have used the platform well, you will have your specific target group either as “friends” or signed up to a page to see more of your content. By using the Facebook live you have a way of talking directly to your target group and seeing their feedback in real time. Whether you are introducing them to the team, or showing them one of your projects in action, it gives a personal touch and can bring your stakeholders closer to your brand, giving them a sense of belonging. It is also a way of bring value added content to your fans and supporters. For example, if you are at a conference that most people do not have a chance to get to, you could livestream selected speeches, directly on your page to your stakeholders.

The ability to see comments, likes and the new expressions during the live stream adds another level of communication on top of the video, and enables you to see exactly what your stakeholders respond to and in which way.

Companies are now finding ways of utilising the Facebook Live, live reactions and Facebook Open Graph and embedding them on their websites. This means that you can broadcast a dynamic webpage that will display in realtime the Facebook reactions of your post. The video, or image can show anything that is important to your customers. One example, which was widely shared on Facebook, was the US election. It was then able to see the reactions of the world as each result came in. People can see the general reactions at the same time as watching the event unfold.

Facebook gives you, the campaigner, more than just a platform to tell your story in text, images and video. It enables you to talk directly to your stakeholder and react instinctively to their reactions.


  1. Try it! Go live and see what you can do and what reactions you get. Experiment with locations and themes and see what gets you the most viewers, reactions and shares.
  2. Announce when you are going live, and tease potential viewers in with a clickbait style headline
  3. Engage with your viewers and make them part of the viewing experience
  4. Make sure you have a good connection! Viewers will quickly disengage if the footage is jerky or blurred!


Facebook Live: Not just for awkward conversations with yourself!

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