Chatbot your way to new customers

Chatbots continue to take a leading role in international tech news. A few weeks ago we saw the amusing conversation between two google chatbots, which showed that, at least for now, the AI isn’t quite perfect yet! But, regardless of this, chatbots are still of great use for organisations of all types.

These days, we can not escape online communications. Just as SMS revolutionised the way people communicate with each other, online messaging has taken over. Now, people spend more time chatting on platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook, than scrolling through social media. These services have completely disrupted the way we communicate, even changing the way we speak to each other offline. It is not uncommon to hear people using the terms LOL (Laugh out Loud) and WTF (What the F***). Language has been disrupted, not just the methods of communicating.

Screenshot 2017-02-20_14-14-04.png
A Chatbot at work in a Yahoo chatroom

Those who used chat rooms in the early days will have encountered bots, usually trying to push you to an illicit site. They were quite easy to spot and very basic, but now companies are able to deploy far more complex bots to entice potential customers. It is rather surprising that it is only in the last couple of years companies have been using these systems to tap into the wealth of potential customers communicating over online messaging services.

Platforms like Facebook have now opened their messenger service up for 3rd party bots. This move by Facebook is probably the most significant because of the staggering amount of users the platform had (Over 1.5 billion!). This means that companies and their customers can now chat directly about products and services. It also means that campaigns don’t get lost in the annals of time, they are there in a customers messenger if they need to go back to remember a product, or restart a conversation it. It is common practice for people to review old messages to remember a conversation or find an important bit of information, like a phone number, or website address, and now, an interesting sales pitch!

It doesn’t need people to be manning the live chat day and night, it just needs a handy little chat bot to direct you through to what you need. And this can happen 24/7/365! Using the messenger services to communicate with your customer base, whether to provide an after sales service or to answer questions about a product, will become a convenient and efficient way of using your time. It is especially useful for small companies with a small budget, and can’t afford to deal with all the small easily answerable questions that may be received on a daily basis.

Don’t worry, if there is something the chatbot can not answer, you can direct the customer to someone who can answer to maintain that personal chat. Then, you can teach the chatbot to answer that question in the future, which is what we have been doing with ours. Why not check it out on our Facebook page. We also have a new twitter bot currently in its test phase. Please follow it here:- @Campaigningbot.

Chatbot your way to new customers

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