Tell Us About Yourself (A storytelling Meetup)

Our lives are becoming more and more digitalised so what will happen when automations take over our jobs? It is becoming more and more clear that personal relationship skills are going to be key to succeeding in the new world! We all know how to write a CV when looking for a new job, or send out sales emails, but how do we connect with people and build relationships? Storytelling and telling people about yourself is at the heart of relationship building.

On Monday 22nd of May, Rinat Strahlhofer, who created the blog „Tell me about yourself“ will join us in the Campaigning Centre, Limmat Tower, Dietikon, to present on the importance of storytelling, a key skill whether you are looking for a job, or you are a campaigner. If you want to come along and learn more, please go to and sign up! (It is Free!)

Rinat Strahlhofer’s Story

Rinat Strahlhofer pic

Rinat is absurdly driven. A serial entrepreneur. She looks at the world of business with an optimistic eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. She has a Bachelor in Marketing and Social Science, and spent her career putting disruptive services and technologies in the hands of millions. Both for corporate and start-ups. Rinat will look at behaviour to understand values but what makes her great at marketing is that she goes digging for stories. Why? Because stories are data with a soul. That’s the key ingredient for successful marketing strategies, marketing campaigns and initiatives. Her storytelling passion is why creative companies love working with her.

Rinat’s roles have included Customer Relationship Marketing, Sport Sponsorship, Leading People and Performance initiatives, Segment Marketing and Brand Development. Rinat helps start-ups use Storytelling to build Vision and Values for their company, reminding us that stories are at the foundation of any culture. It’s simple: wherever you want to see results, first find the story.

Nicknamed Emotional Intelligence Officer (EIO) Rinat enjoys turning human stories into results every day. If storytelling creates results in Marketing, why neglect it in Recruitment? That’s what Rinat is here to change. By coaching teams and job candidates the principles of storyselling and storybuying. So long as you can handle an Aussie accent.


Tell us about „Tell me about Yourself“:

“Tell Me About Yourself” is the most important question in Recruitment. And yet most people feel immediately paralyzed when asked to just talk about themselves. In marketing, this question offers a Storyselling opportunity. If we resonate with a person’s story, we invest. Therefore, the only commodity being sold or bought in recruitment is your story. Most people fail to present their story in a cover letter, CV and interview, but why? Because deep down we know work experience is not enough, you need to sell life experience too (embarrassments, inspirations, difficult decisions, laugh out loud moments, regrets, secret superpowers).

Put simply: a perfect look-at-everything-I’ve-done- right-story does not sell. It’s time to teach hiring managers and job candidates the power of storyselling and storybuying. Specifically, how to extract, bookmark, connect and share real stories. The goal: to be authentic and intentional about how you present yourself and to find a real job fit. This is not a process of how to find the “Right” things to say, it’s about how to get to what is “Real”. Real sells. These principles have long been at the cornerstone of successful Marketing, now its time to embed these principles into the DNA of Recruitment.


We look forward to meeting you at the Campaigning Centre and hearing your stories! Don’t forget to sign up here!

Tell Us About Yourself (A storytelling Meetup)

Ein Gedanke zu “Tell Us About Yourself (A storytelling Meetup)

  1. Hat dies auf Peter Metzinger rebloggt und kommentierte:

    Storytelling war schon immer eine der Königsdisziplinen im Campaigning. Denn nur wer seine Geschichte gut erzählen und den Sinn von Kampagnen gut vermitteln kann, wird es schaffen, Zielgruppen zu mobilisieren, damit sie einem helfen. (Zur Erinnerung: Zielgruppen sind beim Campaigning keine passiven Informationsempfänger, sondern definiert als Menschen, die einem helfen, sein Ziel zu erreichen.)
    Unser nächstes Meetup mit dem Thema Storytelling im Recruiting bzw. für die eigene Stellenbewerbung verspricht deshalb spannende neue Einsichten, denn oft, wenn man ein Thema aus einem anderen Blickwinkel betrachtet, ergeben sich ganz neue Erkenntnisse. Nächsten Montag im Campaigning Center. Wer ist dabei?

    Gefällt mir

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