You can put the Planet First and #SuckItUp!

On May 31st, 2017, Peter and Samuel of business campaigning Ltd, were fortunate to attend the launch of the world’s first commercial carbon capture plant, in Hinwil, Switzerland. A day later, Donald Trump stirred the hot steaming pot of climate change by  announcing his decision to pull the USA out of the Paris Agreement. These two highly contradictory events, stirred the emotions of the business campaigning team.

On one hand, we witnessed the emotional launch of a technology that can literally suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. Anywhere! A technology that can play a major role in the fight against climate change and enabling governments to keep their Paris Agreement pledges. A day of ‚tremendous‘ hope! On the other hand, the so called most powerful man in the world, pulled the world’s biggest polluter out of an agreement aimed at saving the planet. An agreement that only 2 other countries in the planet had not signed. Syria, (who have more pressing issues right now) and Nicaragua (who didn’t sign because they didn’t think the agreement did enough!).

business campaigning Ltd. has the motto „meaningful campaigns for meaningful ideas“, and with this burnt into our ethos we made the decision to launch a campaign. Buoyed by the potential of the technology, but disillusioned with the lack of action from governments around the world in fighting climate change, especially the USA, we launched the Planet First campaign.

Fighting Ignorance With Technology Co2 Climeworks Trump Paris Agreement.jpg

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise 50,000 Swiss Francs to remove 100 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, using the technology of Climeworks, who launched the carbon capture plant in Hinwil. The CO2 will then be buried safely deep underground.

Climeworks have the aim of removing 1% of CO2 emissions from the air by 2025. The Planet First #SuckItUp campaign aims to make a contribution to this aim, but it is not just about removing the CO2 from the air. This campaign aims to show citizens of the Earth that we no longer need to rely on our governments to take steps to save our planet. With current technology, the private sector, and ordinary people, can make a substantial difference.

Like any crowdfunding campaign we need your support! For as little as 1 Swiss Franc, you can pledge to remove 2 kgs of CO2 from the air.

As well as pledging, you can also offer your support by sharing the Planet First campaign with your networks. Simply copy, paste and share the following English of German message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing pages.


Back this awesome campaign to suck out 100 tons of CO2 from the air. Please join us and put the Planet First! #SuckItUp


Unterstützt diese grossartige Kampagne – saugen wir zusammen 100 Tonnen CO2 aus der Atmosphäre! Schliesst euch uns an und werdet teil von „Planet First“! #SuckItUp

To find out more about the campaign go to the Website, and check out the crowdfunding page on WeMakeIt.

Thank you for your support.



You can put the Planet First and #SuckItUp!

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