Chatbot your way to new customers

Chatbots continue to take a leading role in international tech news. A few weeks ago we saw the amusing conversation between two google chatbots, which showed that, at least for now, the AI isn’t quite perfect yet! But, regardless of this, chatbots are still of great use for organisations of all types.

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Chatbot your way to new customers

The Chilli Challenge!

business campaigning GmbH presents:


Samuel Vs Roman

Date: 2nd February 2017

Time: 15:45 CET

Place: The Campaigning Centre




During a lunch in the Campaigning Centre, Roman was talking about his pride and joy – his Habanero plant! It was then the challenge was made. Samuel casually challenged Roman to a chilli eating competition. Roman casually accepted. And now the date has been set!

The aim of the challenge will be to eat one fiery hot Habanero chilli from Roman’s pride and joy. The person to eat the chilli with the most dignity is the winner! It is down to you to decide.

The loser will donate CHF 10 to a cause on Zidisha, a platform that supports micro-lending to small businesses in the developing world.

See you on Thursday 2nd February 2017!

The Chilli Challenge!

Facebook Live: Not just for awkward conversations with yourself!


We all know of Facebook even if we don’t use it. If you don’t use it, you are becoming a new minority! With over 1.79 billion users it is hard to ignore it’s potential for campaigning of any sort. Recently, there have been some add ons that give further potential to the platform.

One of our favourites is Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a tool that allows you to live stream anything to your Facebook friend or those that have liked your Facebook Page. Consumers consumption of video material has grown and grown with the average user consuming over 16 minutes of video a day, according to ComScore. With the availability on your smart phone, you can watch anything, anywhere at anytime. A video in an email has a 200-300% increase in click through rate and after watching a video, a customer is 64% more likely to buy a product!

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Facebook Live: Not just for awkward conversations with yourself!

Campaigning: Consistently Inconsistent

Before joining the business campaigning GmbH team, I spent a lot of time living in Ghana. Campaigning in Ghana is, at times, very different to what we experience in Switzerland or Europe. In the last 10 years, mobile phone usage has developed massively and many people are now very active online. Despite this, Ghana still uses its traditional campaigning strategies alongside the new digital options. Here are three memorable campaigning strategies I saw during my time there:

Colourful buildings in Ghana

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Campaigning: Consistently Inconsistent